Midnight Cry | NaPoWriMo Week One

As of right now, I’m only planning to post one NaPo poem a week (I mean, that may change, but I’d like to keep them in their own separate posts so probably not). This was the first, and it’s appropriately titled seeing when I wrote it. It was inspired by Isaiah 40, which I was memorizing at the time.

I’m also planning to share a few of these on my Facebook page and Google+ account, so if you feel like seeing more of my late-night poetry attempts you can check those out.

O Lord,
You sit so high
above this earthy circumference
that cages us
against the peril and the power
of the universe.
with Your staff you lead a flock
of piercing blazing stars
they cast their all and unseeing eyes
upon me

i stand
against those hearts of fire
the ashy depths beyond
(all crying glory)
vastness greater than this imagining

i scream
against wisdom unteachable
understanding sans instruction
mazes i could wander for eternity
and never know and never understand

i exalt
myself to all the heights
of Your awful terrible great throne
and worship
with the heavens as a witness
of my blasphemy

all cry glory
all cry death
cry wrath, cry condemnation
great commandments
tablets of chipped stone with words of fire
all crying out judgment eternal
in the mortal body of eternal God
in blood dripping from the hands
that hold the stars
that hold my life

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