Who I Am

My name is Katherine Forster (you probably guessed that).

I’m a follower of Christ.

I’m the author of Transformed by Truth: Why and How to Study the Bible for Yourself as a Teen (Crossway, 2019). I also write poetry and things, and I’m the managing editor over at TheRebelution.

I’m a student of the Bible and literature in general, and I’m currently pursuing a degree in literature from Patrick Henry College in northern Virginia (but I come from Florida originally).

What I Do

I write things… a lot of things (see above).

I also read a lot of things (see above, again).

I play a variety of instruments and sing in my college choir, because music is one of the most beautiful and meaningful things in the world to me.

I work on the custodial team at my school, which I promise is more fun than it sounds (most of the time).

I practice my photography skills whenever I get my hands on a DSLR.

Things I Like


Epic fantasy

Coffee (I’ve been told I’m a coffee snob, but those people just don’t appreciate good coffee).

Mechanical pencils

The color blue

Good indie music

Nerdy merch tees

Virginia sunsets

Playing guitar



This Blog

This blog is where I share what I’m learning in God’s word, as well as occasional snippets of poetry and other writings. I pray you’ll be blessed and encouraged by what you find here. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line through the Contact page!

Stay in Touch

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