As Angels Sing | Advent Project Week Three

So the whole write-a-poem-every-day thing didn’t work out so well this month. I just kept forgetting, being busy, getting to bed late… But I do still have a poem today! This one is actually the result of my becoming the official poem-writer of my family. A few weeks ago, my mom informed me that my dad wanted me to write a Christmas poem we could give people. This one didn’t end up being the one we used, but I still like it, so here you go!

The stars still twinkle, like a fractal host,
After the angels leave. The canopy
Of darkened arching sky still holds the ghost
Of storming joy, unearthly melody.

Towers fade into the east, no songs
Can follow on this road after the star,
This waste. And yet our hope is there, beyond
Horizons; silent anthems echo in the dark.

It twinkles from the boughs, all perched on high,
Cascades of little stars its children bright.
And drifting in from velvet darkness nigh,
The strains of song still praise that silent night.

Through centuries the light of life has shone,
Still songs of angels ring through blood and bone.


It’s hard to believe Christmas is so close, but here it is. When I was younger, I had so much excitement, all wrapped up in Christmas day. The presents, the food that we make every year, spending Christmas Eve sleeping under the tree… While I still enjoy those things, especially our yearly traditions, they aren’t quite as big a deal for me now. So now, the struggle is not to lose that excitement and expectation, but to let its focus be on the Lord who left heaven to become one of us, whose birth was heralded by angels and whose road to the cross began on that night in a stable.

Praise be to the Lord of hosts, Jesus Christ, God in the flesh! May your eyes be filled with the wonder of His being this Christmas.


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