Best of February (and Greetings to March)

best of february

Well, a great deal happened in February. And will you look at that, I missed posting about it on the first of March (I was busy researching… more on that in a moment).

So here’s an update, and I’ll include a lot of interesting things instead of just an internet roundup (although I’ll try and include that, too).

Things That Happened

I signed a contract with Crossway, and my book on Bible study for teenagers will Lord willing be releasing next June. Praise God!

book contract signing!
feat. the one fancy pen I own

My mom and I went to an Andrew Peterson concert. His music and writing has been a huge blessing to me, and I’m so glad we got to see him in concert again! Plus, the venue was super quirky and interesting.

I have been and still am doing a bunch of research for the book. One should not write on things of which one does not know. (Not that I’m clueless on the subject, or I wouldn’t be writing a book about it. But I want to be as informed as possible.) At some point I may do a post on resources that I’ve found helpful. Would you all find that interesting?

Also, Bible Bee registration opened! I am so excited about this, because even though I’m no longer competing, this year my mom and I are hosting a local competition! We’re praying God uses His word mightily in many lives through Bible Bee this year.

With friends at the most recent Nationals

And this is technically March, but my dad and I went to take author pictures a few days ago, and they turned out really well! So if you notice new profile pics, that’s why.

Thinkings and Art

I guess I never realized how beautiful Florida skies can be. Or maybe I just never thought to notice. (Or maybe it’s only in the last few months I’ve had a phone with a decent camera to tempt me toward taking too many pictures)

Sadly, I’ve written very little poetry in the past month or two. But that should change next month, because NaPoWriMo is coming! National Poem Writing Month is where you write a poem every day for a month. I did it in 2016 and 2017, and I’m really looking forward to it this year. Hopefully you’ll see a few of the results on this blog.

Internet Roundup

Read the Bible With Someone Else: Four Benefits of Studying in Community – This was really good, and very timely! Studying with other people is so important, for all the reasons outlined here.

In Defense of Irrelevant Films – I may have stayed up too late the other night reading this, but it was really good and now I want to see the movie he mentioned.

7 Ways to Work Hard at Rest – This was also very helpful, since I essentially work from home and have been trying to come up with a good method of scheduling.

Back near the beginning of February (I think) a friend introduced me and my mom to the music of Shane & Shane. And wow. To think I had actually seen a lot of these songs on Spotify and passed them by. Their album “Psalms: Volume 2” is just incredible. I don’t listen to very much in the worship genre, but these are so, so good.

And the song with which our friend introduced us to these guys (the Piper interlude gives me chills).

Quite by accident, I also discovered an artist called Son of Laughter. I was googling something else and ran across his page. I haven’t listened to the album much yet, but what I’ve heard I’ve liked a lot.

And last but most certainly not least: the Gray Havens have a new song, and it’s also the title track for their new album and I cannot wait. Nope. Cannot. Just release the album already, c’mon.

Okay, just one more thing.

I’m not sure how many of you are subscribed to my posts via email, since I switched websites. But in any case, I have a new system for doing that!

Don’t worry–if you’re already subscribed, you won’t stop getting posts via email. But the new system is actually an email list that will let me send out an email every couple weeks with links to new articles from both this blog and anywhere else. Plus I can send you a personal note.

It’ll be way more interesting than just subscribing to posts, I promise. You can sign up here, if you’re so inclined.

So, what have you been up to? Did you discover anything interesting this month?


  1. Shane & Shane’s Psalms albums are SOOOO good. And I know what you mean about suddenly taking 4,000 more pictures once you have a phone with a halfway decent camera. The possibilities open up because you don’t have to have remembered to bring a camera!

  2. Congrats on your contract!!! So exciting. I love the Gray Havens. And I need to check out the third article, because I work from home too and am trying, but mostly failing, to establish parameters to make myself rest. 🙈

    1. Thank you!! Yesss aren’t they so good? They’re one of my all-time favorite bands. And yeah, I can definitely relate to the difficulty of establishing parameters (especially making sure to rest–not just waste time on social media). It’s hard!

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