Best of March| Snippets

Happy April! And happy Resurrection Sunday, albeit two days late (and this post was supposed to be yesterday, but that didn’t happen either… oh well).

Here are some beautiful (or just odd) things from the internet in March.

prayer // it isn’t about the words | My friend Esther wrote this beautiful post on prayer and it really hit home.

To Great Things That Never Came | From one of my favorite DesiringGod writers: “Gandalf had hope because he knew that there was more to the story. He made sense of his fear, horror, disappointment, even death by remembering that there were more pages yet to come.” This article is so good. If you don’t read anything else here, read this.

Why Is the Abortion Industry Run by Women? | Sad, horrifying, and scary. Just… what is it going to take to end this?

Ana Harris’s blog turns one year old! | Ana has had Lyme’s for several years and undergone some intense suffering. She started her blog a year ago to chronicle her recovery journey. It’s an incredible testimony to God’s faithfulness, her insights on suffering are so valuable, and I’ve learned a lot about chronic illness just by reading it.

Resurrection Letters I | Andrew Peterson’s new album is finally here! The visceral joy and triumph of songs like “His Heart Beats” is so powerful. It was perfect to listen to on Easter.

best of march

How was your Easter? What did you do to celebrate?


  1. “His Heart Beats” was my favorite song! Yay!!

    I sang with my church choir for a special program on Easter. It was exhausting leading up to it, but beautiful on Easter. Especially our last song, which used the words of Revelation 5:11-12. It was one of those moments where you really get teary eyed thinking about heaven. ❤️

    How was your Easter?

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