Devils Dancing | A Poem


I wrote this for Holy Week earlier this year, but never got around to publishing it (due to some assignments that decided to knock me over the head around the same time). So here you go.

The devils were dancing with damned mocking grins
As the hour descended with powers of night
And the shadows and shouts were a song harsh and grim
And the devils, they danced in the torches’ red blaze.

And the garden was filled with a godless outcry
And the darkness was shattered with arrows of red
As hatred appeared in its robes temple white
And the devils all danced as they led Him away.

Midnight shrouded the outrage, the Maker was led
With blows bloody and bitter, laughter sharp and loud
To where justice was mocked in her minister dread.
Demons danced as the Man silent stood, unashamed.

Paraded to Calvary with mad chanting crowd,
And the earth cried in protest with ear-splitting cracks.
And the devils were dancing, their throats roaring out,
They all danced and they shrieked as gloom conquered mid-day.

Hanging stricken on high, bowed beneath divine wrath,
He descended to hell as He cried, “It is done!”
And they laughed as He sank into their kingdom black,
And the devils all danced on his grave.

And the third day dawn broke on a world long entombed.
Leaping, laughing, the light raced across the green earth,
And the souls rose to life right along with the Son,
And the heavens all danced at the breaking of day.

Photography mine. This picture was taken on Palm Sunday at the Botanic Gardens in D.C.


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