Disappointment | NaPoWriMo Week Three

Here’s the poetry I promised on Thursday. =)

{If you haven’t been around here much, NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is a challenge where you write a poem each day for a month. Yeah, it’s a little ambitious, but some of my best poetry has sprung from it.}

This is one that I wrote on Tuesday. Tuesday was a pretty crazy day for me. First, I had an article published on DesiringGod; and then, in an unexpected outpouring of mercy, the Lord allowed me to get a job (something I’ve been praying about for months).

He never promised to give us what we want – definitely we don’t deserve it. But sometimes He gives it when He pours undeserved blessings on His children.

comes too easily
pursues you with words
of emails, awkward phone calls
in quiet parking lots
long silences that speak
with voice as clear as

doesn’t come easily.
learning to open your hands
and listen to the sound
hope makes when it tears
thread by thread.
listen, and make it a song of

used to come easily
before disappointment filled
your expectation like
deep-colored wine.
and you learn deeper joy, but
sometimes blessings fall like drops
of crystal rain, rejoicing
your tongue, contradicting

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