fire and water

04/31/2017 (from the last day of NaPoWriMo; inspired by this post and my pastor’s sermon in Luke 13)


licking, biting,
roaring and consuming
dreams and all the
burning desires of your soul
in a catastrophic symphony
of destruction

(ruby-colored, blood-colored flames)


dripping, trickling
streaming and pouring
a river of racing, teeming,
deep-seated fountaining
(sublime in the heavy dark depths)


holy conflagration,
devastation, bursting in
finality of white-hot justice
gavel sparking on the stone
surface of the soul
(the agony of flaming righteousness)


deep and storming,
searing baptism
closing over nose and mouth,
closing eyes in submission
to the hunting enemy
(drowning is the worst kind of death)

fire and water

fiery baptism quenched
the awful blaze of justice
as the living water drowned
and by a burial
overcame the grave

fire and water
water and fire

did you ever see a fire desist
from burning?
ever see a man
become undrowned?

death and life
life and death

why is it that we’re dying
as we live?
how is it that in death
there’s life?

fire and water
death and life

the glorious paradox –
two splintered beams
pounded, hammered, joined,
an unthinkable vertex
the blood-clotted crux
of a cross.

first and last
lion, lamb
God made flesh
mortal I Am

unthinkable paradox
it stands at the crown of Calvary
reconciliation that divides the world
stands at the swirling center
of galaxies, philosophies,
wind and waves and centuries
two rough wooden beams

death and life

fire and water.

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