Did You Forget | NaPoWriMo Week Two

forgot the stars

I was lying awake last night when I suddenly realized I never posted anything on Monday.

This shall now be remedied, albeit two days late.

did you forget what the stars look like
from here?
caught in the hastening blur
and the glare of rushing headlights,
bending so hard, so hard against
the every which way of this highway toward–
striving, striving for headway against the
tailwinds of oncoming traffic,
fighting, fighting for–
caught in the glare of the headlights,
enthralled by the glow of
what’s going to kill you,
you know it will
and you forget
to pause
and look
at the dark domed canopy
stately spreading above
and the ever-waking eyes
that stare in their glad solemnity
and you’re so strong, balancing the world,
playing protagonist of this story you create
but you forgot
you’re only a child
forgot what’s declared
by the galaxies

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  1. Very nice! I love the stars. Wish I could see more of them here in the good old suburbs. 🙂

    Speaking of which, in my Biblical Greek lesson the other day, I learned that the Greek word for “galaxy” (galaxias) is a word that actually means…milky They saw the thing up there in the sky with all the stars, named it “milky circle” and then when we later found out there were more of those things (giant groups of stars), we decided to take that word and use it as the general term for each of them (galaxy). Then we just named ours “The Milky Way.” How cool is that?!

    1. Haha, yeah. I actually wrote this at my grandparents’ because for whatever reason I can always see the stars better there.

      Really? That’s so fascinating! I love learning things like that. (And honestly, what other good reason is there for calling it the Milky Way?)

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