Fringe of Eternity (2 Announcements + a Poem)

For a while now, I’ve been considering the possibility of sharing some of my work in ebook form. After a good deal of thinking and praying, I’m excited to announce the Fringe of Eternity project! Over the next few months I’ll be collecting several of the poems, stories, and articles I’ve published here, along with some original material, and putting them together into a book. There may be some other surprises, too. =) It will definitely be in ebook form, although I may consider doing it in print as well through CreateSpace or a similar platform.

Lord willing, I’m planning on a release date sometime next spring. I’m so excited to see what God does with this, and I’ll be keeping you updated!

My second announcement is a good deal more mundane. Owing to Bible Bee being less than two weeks away, I’ll be on blogging hiatus until then. Nationals are from the 16th to the 20th, so if you think about it, prayers would be appreciated! I may try to post that Friday morning if I make semifinals, but I don’t know how busy I’ll be at that point… If you want to watch the semis and finals however, they will be live streamed here!

Until then, I’ll leave you with a short poem I wrote recently. This one I’d like to expand a little (and maybe include in the book!).

these days go by so fast
but sometimes don’t you catch
a glimpse, a spark
fleeting realization of eternity

(we stand
before the glory of the worlds
in the face of all the night)

how small we are
before the terror of the stars
broken, scattered shards
reflecting, refracting
unimaginable Light.

To all my Bible Bee friends – I’m praying for you! May God richly bless these last two weeks of studying; may He strengthen you with power by His Spirit, and cause you to know His unfathomable love.

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