Future Hope In the Midst of Life’s Changes | Guest Post on The Rebelution

I’ve been a teen four or five years now. I think I’ve learned a good bit about teenagerhood (you do, when you’re living it). But there’s one aspect in particular that’s been on my mind the past few months.

Things change so much.

It’s the very nature of this season we inhabit, like creatures always just a little displaced. We’re like cars on the highway. We rush on, caught in a constant process of discovery and meeting and finding. We’re waking up to find the future we imagined is closer than we thought, and the biggest leaps are just steps along the path – and all the while there’s an essay due at midnight (and did I do that other assignment?) and I need to apply for a job, and I really want to read The Silmarillion sometime.

But the thing about going so fast is that people and places fall behind us. We both discover and forget – we meet and we part – we find some beautiful new treasure, and we leave something else behind.

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