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holy week

Something I’ve been learning about art is the importance of including the darkness. The light means so much more, and comes out so much more triumphant, when you see the evil it overcomes.

That’s how it is with Holy Week, I think. Easter is what we like to emphasize–the joyful, triumphant morning of resurrection. But you can’t have Resurrection Sunday without Good Friday. God incarnate died on a cross. His own Father turned His face away and the earth went dark. And it was our sins that He died for–our “mocking voice calling out among the scoffers.”

That’s the reason for Easter. And when you understand the horror of our sin and the cross on which Christ took all God’s just wrath for it, then you understand the triumph of resurrection that much more.

AP came out with the Prologue to his new Resurrection Letters album at the beginning of Lent, and I’ve been listening to it since then. It’s beautiful, and sad, and it ends on an unresolved chord with the words “and all creation waited.” It’s perfect for this Holy Week, right before Easter.

And this is a poem I wrote back in 2016. I’ve never actually shared the full piece anywhere, but this seems like a good occasion.

The drop reflected all their awestruck eyes,
Cascaded from His hand over their feet;
And one man hid his lust behind his lies,
The Lord a servant to a murdering thief.

The droplet sparkled in the candlelight,
Deepest scarlet falling from the cup.
As one man sprinted through the falling night
The Lord proclaimed, “Remember this My blood.”

The drop reflected only darkened sky
As it fell from a nail to sate the ground,
And in the night death now is crucified
As crimson stains a cursed, glorious crown.

And is this the last chapter of the story?
And how is this the thing that He called glory?

Are you doing anything special for Good Friday or Easter? Are there any traditions you associate with Holy Week?


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