I Am the Door

//So I decided to do a poem for this one.  What do you think?//

It was only a wardrobe
Until she stepped through the door
Out of lonely faded grandeur into
Snow-white lamplight

And it was only a stable
Till they were dragged through the door
From fire stricken darkness into
Light and wonder

Do you ever wonder what’s beyond the door,
What will happen if you step outside
To be overwhelmed by burning heat or frigid cold
Or heartbreaking beauty?

Do you ever wonder how two worlds
Can be so close, and yet so far apart,
Separated by just inches – but they’re immeasurable –
Until the door opens?

And in the darkness have you ever seen a door
Inscribed with a blood-red cross swing slowly open
And seen the light come pouring through the crack, and stepped
Into life?

//Inspired by John 10:7-9//

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