//In my study of 1 John 1, one of things that struck me the most was the awesome truth of what it meant for God to become human in the form of Christ.  I wrote a whole article on it; and then I realized I could probably say it better in poetic form.  So here you go//

Alpha, Omega
Beginning, end

Life itself
Definition of existence
Truth defining right and wrong
The Light.

Revealed –
In thundering storm atop Mount Sinai
The cloud by day, the fire by night
Visions that drove prophets to their knees
To hide their face.

The Word made flesh

Eternal life contained in human body
Subject to the curse
The Light of men
So we might know the Father.

Eternal life made manifest

Because our life was in His death
The Word of life must die
So life eternal would be ours

Streaming blood
A cry
The shuddering, cracking ground
A darkened sky –

The heralds of the Light of life

The life that would not be defeated
Swallowed death in victory
Light that burst from darkened, stony grave
To shine through all the earth.

This we proclaim

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