Into the Darkness | Advent Project Week Two

A little over a week ago I promised Advent poems. This seemed like an excellent idea at the time (and still kind of does). However, it has taken the not-so-unexpected shape of me composing poetry somewhere between 11:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. most nights. That may be why most of these aren’t as good as I’d hoped (and also I think I lost one, so they aren’t exactly by date -.-); but I promised, so here you go.

(If you missed Day One of the Advent Project, you can find it here.)


Just a girl,
She didn’t know
Her name would echo
Through the centuries;
Her face imagined
In ten thousand ways.


He never thought to see
An angel in his dreams;
Much less to hear him tell
That Mary bore Emmanuel.

The road to the cross
Started under a star
(Why do I turn away,
Keep missing the mark?)
He took up the cross,
Bore it day after day
(And the debt that I owed
Rushing blood fully paid)
Never once turned aside
(And I’m right in God’s eyes)


Sometimes I begin to see
The greatness of Your love
When I fail
(Note: This may not seem Christmasy at all; but the reason Jesus came to earth on Christmas was to save us from our sin, and the more we see how great our sin is, the better we can see how great His love was)

Soloists belt
Carolers sing
Their melodies.
Are they echoes
From across
The centuries?


Maybe they didn’t believe
In angels; not too sure
That somewhere there’s a God
Who formed and holds the earth.
But now He’s in their midst,
His hand a baby’s fist.


I think sometimes we forget
Cold evenings,
Hot chocolate,
Are blessings bought with blood.

Look past the clothes,
The face,
The vacant eyes
And see a soul –
A shining star,
A blackened heart –
For whom He died.


The dead of night
Is when the darkness holds its sway
The dead of night
Is when the powers of evil rage
The dead of night
Is when the servant Savior came
The dead of night
Is when the angels sang.

(On a completely unrelated note: you may have noticed the proliferation of photography on here lately. That’s because my dad is letting me use his beautiful DSLR camera, and I love it so much that I’ve started to do actual photography for this blog. I’m hoping to do it more regularly, so all the photography on here can be original… I guess we’ll see. Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!)

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