Make Us New | Songs I’m Loving In the New Year

make us new

It’s been a while since we’ve had a music post around here, and I’ve discovered a bunch of songs I love lately, so we’re going to do another one of these. (The other two were about Christmas music and growing up, if you want to look at them)

Life Is Beautiful | Rend Collective

(I only started listening to Rend Collective because a dear friend pestered me until I did. But this album is a really beautiful celebration of life and grace and the gospel.)

Rejoice, rejoice
In the sunshine, in the sorrow
Oh, my soul rejoice

Vanilla Pines | Tow’rs

(You know the songs that get stuck in your head for a day or two at a time? And you still love them? Yeah.)

We cannot run this love is all we
Have without it we are nothing
But we wear Your grace like skin
Taking us where veils are thin.

From Now On | The Greatest Showman

(I won’t go on about how much I loved The Greatest Showman, but this particular song was very meaningful to me even before I saw the movie. This backstage video is so great, too. [Just a note, I believe there’s one misuse of God’s name in it that’s not there in the actual song])

But when I stop
And see you here
I remember who all this was for.

Crows + Locusts | Brooke Fraser

(Brooke is such a storyteller, and her music is so beautiful <3)

It was the year
The crows and the locusts came
The fields drained dry the rain
The fields are bleeding.

If | Beautiful Eulogy

(One of Beautiful Eulogy’s first songs says their goal is to “make you logically stop and think doxologically / because a little bit of music and theology never really hurt anybody.” This album proves it.)

What’s concealed in the heart of having
Is revealed in the losing of things
And I can’t even begin to imagine
The sting that kind of pain brings.

Tell Me Again | Skye Peterson

(My first reaction was “Yay, Skye made an album!” Then, “wow, this is fantastic.”)

Tell me again
Of the truth that makes me new.

What songs have you been enjoying this year so far?


  1. Jaquelle Crowe recommended the book ‘Surprised by Oxford’ which mentions U2 several times.I then found an article by David Dark about how they elevate conversation to help remind us about love of neighbor (and sometimes God –
    Bono even wrote an introduction to a standalone Psalms book) – – this led to my checking out their latest album. Love the lyrics of this one – “there is a light we can’t always see…” My favorite 2016 album is Reeve Carney’s Youth is Wasted & 2017’s was Lorde (explicit language and themes so I’ll leave off the link for that one).

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