NaPoWriMo Part 4

First of all, I do realize this is just a little bit late.  Sorry.  *cringes*  Anyway, my May NaPo is done! *cheers*  Thank you so much, Aberdeen, for putting this on!  I’d wanted to do something like NaPo in May, and I was so glad that others were doing it too.  It was a lot of fun, and by God’s grace I produced several poems that I actually liked.  Here’s the last week of poems – for whatever reason I ended up doing a lot more free verse this week, which was kind of interesting…  Any helpful criticism would be appreciated!

Day Twenty-Five

Valediction, part 3 (The first two parts are here)

Walking all alone through crowded halls,
The ghosts invisible to other eyes
Keep haunting with unanswerable calls
And you can’t catch them, cannot say goodbye.

The memories have filled your waking dreams
With hopeless songs of days you deified,
And not quite forgotten demons haunt the seams.
You need to let it go, to say goodbye.

The ghosts are clothed in robes of golden light
But they are not the end.  Lift up your eyes
And look upon your goal, take up the fight
And struggle for a prize beyond goodbyes.

Let loose the ghosts, for time will always sever,
And struggle for a prize beyond goodbyes.

Day Twenty-Six

Weaving through the nameless, faceless crowd
Sun glaring off sidewalks and buildings and hair
You squint against the brightness
Want to close your eyes –
But no.
Keep them open
Look up
Look around
Into their eyes
See the story
In every face
Hear the poetry
In every shout
Give thanks
For this grace.

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Day Twenty-Eight

The waiting is the hardest part
Sitting by the side of the road
Watching the fantasies of this world blow past
And we sit here
And we wait
And we create
And try try to make something that will last. 

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