NaPoWriMo Week One

I’m currently at my grandparents’, enjoying the peace and quiet of no internet or social media (or young people… haha). But I’m stealing a few minutes of wifi because I do want to do a weekly post for NaPo this month.

If you’re wondering what’s going on, National Poetry Writing Month is where you write a poem every day for thirty days. This is my third year doing it; you can see posts for the last two years below.

2016 – 1|2|3|4

2017 – 1|2|3|4

This one isn’t my best, but it’s about Florida skies and the way certain sights and smells trigger memories you can’t quite place.

Why are the clouds like memories,
Looming over an earth dripping
With remnants of rain?
Why are they so many colors,
Why puffy pinks and shy purples
And grays?
And why does the smell of the wet earth
And the sight of the technicolor clouds
Tickle like dancing from deep within,
Some forgotten song of childhood?
So many secrets,
So many mysteries,
Like whispered laughter
After the rain.


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