NaPoWriMo Week Three

Well I started running out of inspiration about a week ago, so I decided to root through’s Word of the Day archives and see if I couldn’t find some ideas (which, by the way, was a very interesting exercise.  Have you ever heard of clishmaclaver?).  Anyway, these poems are the fruit of that little endeavor.  Enjoy!  Also, yay for the first two proper sonnets of the month!


Day Nineteen

Plunging through the icy cold,
Into the black eternal deep;
We tried to dance but only fell,
And in the darkness tried to breathe.

How long since we first heard the music
Calling us to join the dance?
And though precarious we stood,
Somehow we listened, took the chance.

And now all that we were is dead,
We’re floating, falling, frozen hearts.
But look – what are those points of light?
Reach out and touch them – they’re the stars.

Photo via Unsplash

Valediction, pt. 1

Day Twenty

You’ve said goodbye so many times already.
But now you know it’s final, and you try
In vain to stop your tears, your voice to steady,
As you wave again, one more goodbye.

You say, I’ll see you, I’ll see you again,
But wonder secretly if it’s a lie.
We’re separated now by miles and mountains,
And so we pray for just one more goodbye.

Though you should go where I no longer see,
I won’t forget your name; and if I die
Just know I’ve gone ahead and we will meet
Where finally there will be no more goodbyes.

Cry your tears, for time will surely sever,
But do not fear – farewell is not forever.

Valediction, pt. 2

Day Twenty-One

I never said goodbye to you, my friend;
But I keep searching, wondering what went wrong.
We thought our friendship couldn’t have an end;
Turns out it really wasn’t all that strong.

When did we say farewell?  We used to share
Our childish plans and hopes and fears and dreams.
We’d build our shining castles in the air,
But time’s too cruel, or we’re just too weak.

Did you say your goodbyes, leave me behind?
Am I to blame?  Are you?  I don’t know how,
Or if the blame is yours to take or mine,
But more than mountains lie between us now.

Now we may cry, for time has surely severed,
But even this farewell is not forever.

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