October Around the Web

Yet again, I am back with a grouping of various materials from around the internet! This month was crazy, between major life decisions and a little bit of travelling and a lot of studying (and coffee. lots of that too). My mom and I went up to Virginia for a couple days, and enjoyed good food, watching TV (we don’t have it at home, so it was nice to discover a movie playing one of the nights!), reciting verses (enjoyed? yes? maybe?), and putting whipped cream on coffee (okay, that last one was just me. I have an inordinate love for whipped cream).

Anyway, there’s been plenty of good stuff around the internet! I also discovered a bunch of new music. Here’s what I’ve been enjoying.

The Teenage Martyr | DesiringGod has been doing an awesome series on various better- and lesser-known reformers, and this one was truly inspiring.

You Have Nothing to Prove | “The fears are my own. They’re me accepting and trying to conform to standards that I created.”

Starbucks’ New Frappuccino | This looks… really, really weird. And slightly disturbing. Has anyone around here tried it? (Seriously, I took art classes. Green and pink mixed together does not have good results.)

Love the Nations | The devastation in Puerto Rico has mostly left the news cycle, but it’s still very much there. Some dear friends of ours, the Pardos, run a ministry that they’ve turned into a relief organization. They’re equipping and mobilizing the churches of PR to serve and love the people of the island. To see some pictures and updates of what’s going on and what they’re doing, go to their Facebook profile.

Worthy | Beautiful Eulogy has a new album! They’re a Christian hip-hop group with some incredibly deep, rich theology. You can download the album here.

Flags | Victoria got me into this song by Brooke Fraser, and Rebekah made this beautiful lyric video.

Cold Weather and Coffee {playlist} | We had a couple of cold days (for Florida), and in honor of it I made a playlist. It’s basically a bunch of the songs that I’m enjoying currently.

A couple of other random announcement-things:

Reformation Day is almost here! In fact, it’s tomorrow! It’s the 500th anniversary of Luther pounding his 95 these onto the door at Wittenburg. I’m not going to go on about it here; if you want more information (or just some amazing resources!) check out some of the recent content on DesiringGod.

Bible Bee is also almost here! It’s only a couple weeks away. Stressful, yes, but also very exciting. This is my last year competing… we’ll see what God does! At any rate, I’ll try and post some more information closer to the event, in case anyone wants to watch it.

How has your October been? What music have you been enjoying?

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