Sky Burning

We looked up from our labors here

From dirt and flowers and bright smells
Looked up in sudden terror and fear
As the heavens above began to tremble

And you knew that your world could never be the same.

And the stars exploded in flaming rents
Across the fathomless dark sky
Flames licked at this our earthly tent
And so we knelt and hid our eyes

Cause how will we breathe if it all burns away?

And we heard the stars fall all around
We heard the death of just one dream
We heard it thunder to the ground
You may not cry

But a piece of your heart can never be the same.

And slowly then we opened our eyes
We looked on the death of a dream, of night
On the grieving ruins of the sky –
They were filled with a blinding glorious light

And how do you stand before splendor and flame?

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