Spring In Florida | NaPoWriMo Week Four

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Hard to believe it’s the last week–last day, actually–of this year’s NaPoWriMo. It always goes by so fast.

I’ve grown up in Florida, but it feels like I’m just now beginning to appreciate the beauty that is my state. And as much as I can’t wait to go to school in Virginia–where there’s a real fall and spring!–I will miss Florida a little.

For the nerds, this is a Shakespearean (aka English) sonnet. I love writing them, but I haven’t done that many this year. This is one of the few that turned out well and also wasn’t super personal.

*Picture by me

We say there is no spring in Florida–
Just cold that turns to sulky humid heat.
But jasmine vines were blooming white today
And sandhill cranes are calling out a beat.

The sky so clear and cold (winter’s austere)
Spreads out its billows, white against deep blue,
Then coalesces into gray, draws near,
And sends the sea to earth to start anew.

Cranes go in threes and fours this time of year,
Two red-capped parents with a fluffy child.
And alligators start to reappear
As waterfowl converge on waters wild.

Though snow will never melt to flowers here,
Creation marks the turning of the year.

I have a picture of an alligator, of which I’m very proud, but Canva is giving me problems so I can’t upload it. So I’ll just direct you to a recent Instagram post with my pictures of Florida wildlife.


  1. I love the imagery and description in this. I’ve never been anywhere near Florida, so it’s really fun for me to get a glimpse of it through your pictures and writing. I loved the pictures on insta, by the way! So cool!

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