Starchild | A Poem

09-06 starchild

I wrote this during NaPoWriMo this past spring. It’s probably one of my favorites. =)

Where have you come from, child of stars?
What power glows in that beating heart?
What far-off sun do you call home?
What songs are coursing in your bones?

Why do you wander here, lost one of night?
The darkness hangs heavy and you’re frail for this fight.
The wind rushes harder, the dark closes in,
And your body is weak and your spirit is thin.

Who is your father, young one of old?
From whence comes that bright secret fire that you hold?
How are you fragile and fearless and fey?
Why have you leapt singing on into the fray?

Why do you linger, child, here in the night?
I see hints of the galaxies deep in your eyes.
And they’ve shattered that fragile and beautiful heart,
But it leapt with a storm of shining gold sparks.

What is it within you, that burns ever bright,
Lashing out at the shadowy legions of night?
Your body is breaking, your spirit is tired,
And the cracks are all glowing with deep-seated fire.

What shall I say to you, child of the stars?
I cannot say goodbye yet, the word is too hard.
But i see in your eyes the approach of the day,
And you shine ever brighter as you fade away.

Your courage, you say, was never your own,
So teach me the song that yet rings in your bones.
For a supernova’s burning bright in your wake
As you fade like the stars at the approaching of day.


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