Summer 2018 || Wrap-Up

Well, I’m back. Hello again!

I know I haven’t blogged very much this summer, so I’m just going to do a wrap-up post for the entire summer and hopefully that will also serve as explanation for why I’ve been rather absent.

Things That Happened


I wrote a book | Praise God, I finished the manuscript last week! It’s not all the way done–there’s still more editing and other things to do, but that’ll be in conjunction with Crossway’s editors and other people. It’s honestly been an incredible experience working with them so far. Everyone at Crossway is so kind and helpful and understanding, even though I have no idea how half of this works.

Bible Bee Summer Study | This summer I had the amazing experience of being a Bible Bee host for the first time. It wasn’t all new–I’ve been helping out for the past few years–but this was my first time actually organizing and coordinating. It felt pretty chaotic most of the time, but getting to hang out with a whole bunch of kids who are studying and memorizing the Bible every week, listening to them recite and helping them learn, is such a blessing. Some of them are dear friends I’ve known for years, and for some of them it’ll be their last time in my group, so that was special too.

Making memories | This summer I wanted to be intentional about spending a lot of time with family and friends before I leave, and thankfully there have been so many opportunities. Driving many miles with my family to visit bookstores. Eating amazing ethnic food. Going to the beach. Spending time with my grandparents. Studying the Bible together as a family. Long talks with friends. Going out for tea and coffee. Taking pictures of each other as the sun goes down. I’m so thankful that–while we’ve all been busy this summer–there have still been many opportunities for making these kinds of memories.

An alligator came to visit | Granted, we never got to make friends. In fact, we never even got a close look. But there was a gator. In our pond. This is only the second time that we know of (and the first time we saw one it almost killed our goose, so this is an improvement anyway).

Things I Learned

  • It is so important to preach the gospel to yourself every. single. day.
  • We all want to be our own gods. We want everything around us–good and evil themselves, for that matter–to conform to our desires. We have to fight that in the power of the Spirit, with everything we have. It destroys joy, peace, and relationships.
  • God is transforming us. It’s not that I didn’t know that; more like I gained a new appreciation for the fact. He is using literally everything in my life to conform me into His own glorious image. How wonderful is that.
  • You should never grease the pan when you bake chocolate chip cookies (they turn out flat. Don’t ask me how I know).


Some of these are current reads, some I’ve already finished. Does not include everything I read this summer!

Knowing God, by J.I. Packer | Not finished with this one yet, but it’s really, really good. It talks about the importance of knowing God and who He is.

The Wounded Shadow, by Patrick Carr | I already talked at length about this and several other books in my last post.

Lit! by Tony Reinke | This is literally a book about books, and it’s really, really good.

Henry IV, Part I I got a complete set of Shakespeare’s plays from one of the bookstores we visited, so I started with Henry IV. I’m almost done. It’s really interesting, if a bit confusing sometimes (why does everybody have to have two names, and why are half of them named Henry?)!

Father Brown Crime Stories, by G.K. Chesterton | Another bookstore find. These stories are so good. Father Brown is one of my all-time favorite detectives; and Chesterton’s descriptions are striking and atmospheric.


The Arcadian Wild | A friend got me into this group and I love their music. It’s very folk/indie with lots of guitar and violin, and the lyrics are beautiful. Liar and The Poet are two of my favorites. They also did the music for the Wingfeather Saga short film, including Yurgen’s Tune (the song at the end).

Storehouse | The Gray Havens have a new song and it’s so perfect.

Into the West | I really love Peter Hollens’ version of this song. It’s so beautiful.

Things That Are Coming

Well, the main thing is that I’m leaving for college next Saturday. WHAT. At this point, that’s most of what I’m doing–getting ready to leave, and trying to fit the last few things in before I go.

I still want to blog here… but it probably won’t be often. Maybe once or twice a month? I’m also writing regularly for TheRebelution, and hoping to get published on some other sites (so most of my full-length articles will probably go there, and other pieces here). I do have an email newsletter that I send out once or twice a month with links to whatever I’ve published lately, so you can sign up for that here if you want to see all the other things.

So. My question for you is, what would you like to see on this blog? What do you like to read? Shorter pieces (like this)? Longer reflections on a topic? Poetry? All of the above? I want to know what’s actually interesting, so I don’t put my time and energy into writing things you don’t want/need. =)

How was your summer? Was it busy, or a good time to relax? Are you preparing for something big this fall?


  1. You finished your manuscript — yay!! An alligator in your pond? Scary. I have relatives who live in Florida, and alligators are a common sight. My cousins love to tell stories about spotting alligators in their pond when we visit. :/ I’m glad you had a great Summer. Mine was busy, but delightful nonetheless. Thanks for sharing this fun glimpse into your life. :)Praying that your move to college goes well!

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