The Advent Project | Part One

This is the month of December. Christmas season, in case you hadn’t noticed. Our family has lots of traditions surrounding Christmas; but particularly Advent. People celebrate Advent in lots of different ways (most of them involve candles); but the idea is that you take the month before Christmas to remember Jesus’ birth.

I thought this year I’d do something similar on here. Each day of December, I’ll write a short poem (more like a snippet), and post them once a week. Hopefully it’ll help me (and you) keep our eyes fixed on Christ this season.

I may also be making some changes to the format of this blog soon, so keep an eye out!

And to finish, here’s Day One of the Advent project.

The darkness fell before she took a bite;
Creation plunged into the deadly curse.
And Eden watched their faces lose the light,
Fall prey to hunger and consuming thirst.

His staff would part the sea, he struck a rock
For water; prayed for manna from on high.
He climbed the stormy mount, he spoke with God –
But a far greater prophet would draw nigh.

Isaiah spoke and Jeremiah wept,
Ezekiel uttered prophecies of doom,
And Jonah ran from God. While Israel slept,
Hosea loved again a prostitute.

And through their stories echoed one great theme –
The Light has come, His people to redeem.

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