The Album I Never Stopped Listening To

You know how there are some songs that are more than just a song? The music, the poetry, the message–they hit you with truth exactly where you need it, and then they become like a memorial, a sort of Ebenezer reminding you of how far you’ve come, how constantly the Lord has helped you.

Worthy by Beautiful Eulogy is like that for me.

It’s one of the very few albums I can listen to again and again, over and over, and it never gets old. After it came out in 2017 I downloaded it and listened when I went on my regular bike rides. When I got back from school last month I could finally go biking again–and I found the words and music already beaten into the cracks of the sidewalk, familiar as the places I have to swerve to avoid the bumps of tree roots under the cement. I recognize the location of this verse, that hook, reminded at each point of all the other times I’ve biked that route with those words in my earbuds, of all the times God has been so faithful.

The literature student in me could probably write an essay on the poetry, the wordplay, similes, and motifs (“Is life a game of chess? Do you have these kings in check?”). And I could tell you about so many ordinary days when those words encouraged or convicted me in uncomfortable, remarkable ways (“What’s concealed in the heart of having
Is revealed in the losing of things…”).

But that’s unnecessary. Just go listen to it for yourself. It’s so worth it. You can find it on YouTube or Spotify, or download it for free from Humble Beast.

Yes, it is Christian hip-hop. But even if rap isn’t your favorite genre (or even if that’s a gross understatement) I’d still encourage you to listen to it. It’s very different from mainstream rap (even of the Christian variety), but the genre provides a perfect vehicle for the deep and rich truth these songs contain.

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  1. Anna Moss

    When I read the title for this post, I immediately thought of Worthy! Not only is it Christian hip hop (which is possibly my favorite genre), but it is just SO theologically rich and practical. I think a line from it comforts, encourages, or convicts me every day.

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