The Balloon | A Poem

When you were little, weren’t helium balloons the best thing ever? When we’d go to one particular restaurant, they’d always give us balloons; I remember being so excited, but I also remember one time when I let go by accident and it floated away, up into a big cellphone tower nearby. I think I got a new one, though. (All photos by me)

You remember when you were a child and they gave
You a string, a balloon floating cheerful? You gripped
It so tight, so it wouldn’t fly up and away.

But maybe as you stepped off the sidewalk you tripped
And you watched in surprise as it wandered so high
(And hold on, or the ribbon from fingers will slip).

Maybe as you were watching you started to cry,
As the floating, miraculous thing left your sight.
Did you watch as it joyously greeted the sky?

I hold a balloon by its ribbon tonight.
It calls for its home, to fly up and away,
But I remember the child, and I hold the string tight.

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