The Book Is Published! And Other Life Updates

So my book came out officially on August 6. That’s a thing.

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Seriously guys. This is amazing, and it hasn’t even really sunk in yet. My dream from years ago was to be a published author. And it happened. God made it happen, even though it wasn’t at all like I expected (case in point: I thought I would be the one making it happen, just by my own expertise and will-power. Haha).

It’s incredibly humbling, too. There’s nothing to make you realize your own sinfulness and failure like writing a book and then realizing you don’t always practice what you preach. But it’s a reminder–God is the one working here. He’s the one who chose to use me to put this message into a book, and He’s the one who will guide it where it needs to be and use it in people’s lives. I’m just the cracked earthen vessel, with ineffable treasure inside.

You can get the book on Amazon here (You can also get it from Crossway if you feel like defying Amazon’s monopoly on bookselling; either way, I’d appreciate an Amazon review!).

I’m also, Lord willing, going to be doing a lot of guest posting on larger websites in the next few weeks. If you want to actually see those posts, sign up for my semi-regular email updates here.

In Other News

I’m leaving for college again next Wednesday! I’m so excited to be starting a new school year–both for seeing friends again and for some really, really cool classes. (One of those classes is Creative Writing; hopefully this blog will see some of its fruit!)

I’m also excited for the opportunities this next semester will afford. My church is a wonderful place, and I’m looking forward to being more invested in it this year. I also want to really invest in some of the friendships I have at school, and make new ones.

My goal for this semester (and I’m putting it here both for my own accountability and so hopefully you’ll be encouraged too) is to see other people. To be less self-centered and more focused on the souls around me. To serve others. I suppose that should be all our goal, all the time, but it’s something I want to think about specifically as I go back to school, where one is simultaneously surrounded by people but also so focused on one’s own learning and to-do list.

A Quote

And lastly, a quote I shared on my Facebook earlier, from Leland Ryken’s excellent book (which I just discovered), Words of Delight: A Literary Introduction to the Bible.

The constant appeal made by biblical writers is for people to order their lives by the unseen spiritual realities, even though doing so usually contradicts earthly or human standards.

Have a lovely last few days of summer. May God bless you with a distinct lack of sweltering heat and smothering humidity.


  1. Kaitlyn Renfer

    Congratulations, Katherine, on your book release! That is super exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing how God will use your book to bless and encourage believers of all ages even in ways beyond what you can imagine. So great to hear you’re doing well and looking ahead to a new school year!

  2. Amy T

    First off, Congratulations! Second, I was just looking at Facebook this morning and your book came up under Do Hard Things. God’s perfect timing!!!! I am a homeschool mom to two teen boys. My husband and I are Bible college graduates and our hearts cry is for our boys to have their own personal experience of falling in love with our Savior. I had recently picked up one of our Bible college book called How to Study your Bible and had planned to go through it with our sons to teach them inductive study. Until today, when I saw your book title, opened it on Amazon, read the first part of your story and absolutely knew that God lead me to your book because it speaks to them on their level! So Thank You. I cannot wait for our copies to arrive. I pray this opens the doors to their hearts to seek out the Father for themselves. Blessings to you on your new college year and the publishing of your book. God is going to do GREAT things with it!

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