The Indescribable

//I’m really in love with the Petrarchan (Italian) sonnet form right now.  Although somehow this is the first one I’ve managed to post on here?  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!//

Describe the indescribable, they say
The awful task of poets – look beyond
The silence and the speaking to the song,
To find the singer and not look away,

Express the stars in dazzling array,
By pen and paper light the muddled throng
And give a glimpse of that for which we long
Bear high the torch and light another flame.

But somewhere on the way you always find
The truth is greater than your pen can hold
You’ll never quite describe the living Word –
The source of all your reason and your rhyme.
So stand in wonder, watch the truth unfold,
And tell with spattered ink blots what you’ve heard.

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