There Is Peace In the Storm

Maybe it’s just because I’m in Florida; but it seems like there’s only one topic of conversation right now.

The Storm.

The name of Irma is on everybody’s lips. Where will it turn? Which coast will be affected? What’s going to happen next?

Irma is a massive, swirling wall of water and wind. Bigger across than my entire state. And she hits hard. She can kill.

And people are scared.

Shelves of bread in Walmart are empty. One of the Walmart employees at work (my restaurant is inside the store) told us that people had actually been fighting over water. Friends are sandbagging their houses. Speculation and worry is everywhere. And we’re not even in south Florida.

And there’s one verse that’s been on my mind lately. I think it was actually a friend who reminded me about it.

The LORD sat as King at the flood;
Yes, the LORD sits as King forever.
The LORD will give strength to His people;
The LORD will bless His people with peace.
(Psalm 29:10-11)

This whole week has felt like a storm, to be honest – even apart from Irma. Classwork, writing, messy schedules, stressful days at work, and far more stressful essays.

And I think Irma has something in common with my paper deadlines. It’s so easy to focus on the storm. To look at the forecast, stare at the schedule, and not see beyond. In the middle of the rain, when clouds stretch from horizon to horizon, it’s hard to look up. All you can see is puffy gray – you can’t find the stars.

But that doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

In all of this craziness, I find I’ve lost sight of eternity. It’s hard to remember that beyond all the deadlines there is an imperishable hope. The day will come. We will be with Jesus – and death, the ultimate deadline, will be destroyed.

That’s our hope. And we have to cling to it with all our hearts. We can’t see it – but it’s true, and it’s coming. Orient your heart to eternity, and sing of stars in the middle of the storm.

In case you’re wondering – yes, I’m fine. No, I haven’t been evacuated. Our area doesn’t really flood, and we’re halfway up the west coast of Florida; so Lord willing we’ll be all right even if the storm does hit our state. Please do pray for all who have already been hit, though; and for South Florida as well – the storm is supposed to make landfall there sometime this weekend.

I was thinking about floods and music yesterday while I made sandwiches and washed dishes, and this song struck me as appropriate. I’ve included a few others, too; if you’re expecting a hurricane, maybe they’ll be helpful while you’re stuck inside. And if you’re not, maybe you need to hear them anyway.

Flood // Jars of Clay (the music video is kind of strange? I hadn’t actually seen it before. But it’s a good song.)

The Rain Keeps Falling // Andrew Peterson

We Will Survive // Andrew Peterson

Red Sea Road // Ellie Holcomb

A Living Hope // The Gray Havens

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