When Earthly Beauty Looks Beyond Earth

It’s so easy to forget how much beauty there is around us.

I went for a walk yesterday, mostly to enjoy the cool breeze and get some exercise. The streets around my neighborhood wouldn’t necessarily be called scenic. It’s a sort-of-rural-sort-of-suburb kind of area–lots of houses, a few fields with animals in them, a decent amount of trash in ditches by the side of the road.

But walking through it can open your eyes to so much you would never notice otherwise. Flowers on a tree that’s shed its leaves. A mushroom poking out from under something. The Christmas decorations that are still up in late January.

Our culture will gladly affirm that we should enjoy the little things, look for beauty everywhere, and be thankful. But why?

Every beautiful thing is given by God. And this itself is a mercy. Why would He shower us with so many good gifts? It’s His common grace–that the world that rejected Him would nonetheless be surrounded by loveliness.

The beauty we see on earth speaks of the God who made it. After all, who defines what is beautiful? God is ultimate beauty. He defines the very meaning of the word.

Earthly beauty speaks of eternity. The little lovely things we notice (or don’t) every day carry a profound meaning beyond themselves. They point to the eternal, sovereign God who made them.

Let’s remember to look at the beauty around us. And then look beyond it, to praise the God who made it and put it there.


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