Who’s Gonna Stay?

The first time I listened to Sara Groves’ song “Scientists In Japan,” I laughed.

It’s a rather quirky, whimsical illustration of how technology is moving forward, of our collective surprise as again and again “you see science fiction ain’t fiction no more.”

That’s why it caught me by surprise when I really listened to the lyrics and realized the depth and seriousness of the song.

Sara sings,

Who’s gonna stay here and think about it?
Who’s gonna stay?
Everybody’s left the room,
There’s no one here to talk it through.
Now stay, stay, stay.

As technology grows and improves, faster and faster, are we pausing to think about the implications it’s going to have?

Every invention, every improvement has implications for our lives and this world. Are we stopping to consider them? Are we thinking about the ethics of self-driving cars? Virtual reality? New medical advances?

We need to consider, not just whether these things are intrinsically good (many are, in fact, amoral), but more far-reaching effects. How could this affect our society? How could it potentially be used to exploit–or to do great good?

Set machines in motion
Just to set machines in motion
Just to watch them go

Are we blithely going along with the flow, applauding everything new because we’re fascinated with technology or we think it’s cool? Or are we soberly considering the implications? (The Gospel Coalition does a good job of this)

And lest we turn into mere cultural critics, let’s bring this home. Am I downloading every new app, joining every social media website, buying every new thing, just because it’s cool or it’ll bring me entertainment? My family will tell you I can be paranoid about giving out my personal information, but there are other important considerations. Will this app lead me to be more distracted or waste more of my time? What’s my motivation for buying this new thing?

I’m not saying, of course, that we should overanalyze every Snapchat update. But as we make decisions, large and small, let’s not be blinded by the dazzle of the new, the improved, the updated.

Let’s consider morality and ethics and implications. And then let’s use the gift of technology, as God directs, for His glory and to be light in our world.

Who’s gonna stay here and think about it?
Who’s gonna stay? Who’s gonna stay?
Who’s gonna stay here and think about it?
Who’s gonna stay?

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