Worth It All by Isabella Morganthal | Review and Blog Tour!

Today I have the great honor of being the first to review Isabella Morganthal’s new book, Worth It All! I met Bella at Bible Bee Nationals last year, and I’ve been so blessed ever since by her faith and encouragement.

Worth it All: Running the Race of a Lifetime

We are all running a race.

A race that will change our lives…

This is the personal race—the journey—to know Jesus more deeply than we could even imagine, and live completely dedicated to Him. It’s the race of a lifetime. In her third book, Worth it All, National Bible Bee Alumnus Isabella Morganthal shares about her journey as a Bible Bee contestant for five years. Comparing her time as a contestant to a race, she encourages readers to run their own race of knowing Jesus well.

Worth it All is meant to inspire you to live for Jesus radically in a way that shows the world He is worth more to you than anything or anyone else.

So if you’re willing to step onto the racetrack for the race of your life, begin reading.

Ready? Set…


I feel like I should put a disclaimer here. I’ve done Bible Bee for eight years; so much of this book was meaningful to me on more than one level. But this story is not only the Bible Bee. If it was just about a competition it would hardly be worth telling, but it’s about so much more.

Everything in this book comes back to God and His word. It’s the story of how God’s word changed Bella’s life – and how it can change yours, too. She always brings it back to God’s work, His word, and His faithfulness. The entire book is about knowing God, the race we’re all running, wherever we are (and she gives some great practical notes on it, too!) The Bible changes us. This is the focal point of her journey.

That’s what I loved about Worth It All. Bella’s story of how God and His word changed her life. I can relate, you see – I literally don’t want to imagine where I’d be spiritually without the massive input of Scripture I’ve received through Bible Bee. I loved seeing her put this journey into words, and getting to read a story that’s so much different from, yet so similar to, my own.

Bella’s writing style is exuberant, passionate, down-to-earth. Occasionally it can get a little too casual – more like she’s talking than writing a book – but I love how obvious it is that she cares so deeply about her message.

The only thing I didn’t agree with is how she talks about God speaking to her. I’m pretty sure I understand what she meant, but it could be misleading to some readers (I don’t believe God generally speaks through the prophetic gifts at this point in history). I also thought some of the sections about “running the race” could get a little abstract and detract from the main point, but that was probably just me wanting to read more about Bible Bee. =)

This book could not have come at a more perfect time. When you’re in the middle of your Bible Bee race, as I’m sure Bella would agree, sometimes you just need encouragement; and that was exactly what I got. It was more than just an encouragement to keep going. It was encouragement to run the race of knowing God.

Because that’s what we need, more than anything – to know God, to abide in Him. Whether we’re in Bible Bee or not, whether we’re running uphill or down, whether it’s loads of schoolwork or carefree summers or the midst of a career, the only thing that will fill our eternally longing hearts and give us grace to keep on running is God and His word.



Isabella Morganthal (19) is a homeschool high school graduate who loves Jesus with all of her heart. She is a drummer, writer, creative arts director, and modern-day abolitionist.

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You can order Worth It All from Amazon or CreateSpace,  or contact Bella directly through her website to get a signed copy! 

And if you’re in Bible Bee, go here to see Bella’s special offer for 2016 Bible Bee Nationals contestants and their families in November!


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